Call for Papers: UNCTAD’s Principles on Responsible Sovereign Borrowing and Lending

junio 30, 2011





Madrid, 2 March 2012

UNCTAD’s Principles on Responsible Sovereign Borrowing and Lending


The causes and widespread negative effects of the global financial and economic crisis prompted UNCTAD to launch an initiative in 2009 to promote responsible sovereign lending and borrowing practices. The purpose of UNCTAD’s initiative is to provide a forum for debate on responsible practices and to develop a set of commonly accepted principles and practices relating to sovereign financing.
An expert group was established to contribute to the process of drafting these Principles. The group is composed of world renowned legal and economic experts, private investors and NGOs. Senior representatives from the IMF, the World Bank and Paris Club participate as observers of this group. After several formal meetings and exchanges of ideas a draft of the Principles emerged. This document is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish at http://www.unctad.info/en/Debt-Portal/News-Archive/Our-News/UNCTAD-Launches-Principles-on-Responsible-Sovereign-Lending-and-Borrowing-3052011/
As this draft is intended to be a point of departure for international discourse and will be subject to further discussions with governments, UNCTAD and the UAM (through its schools of Law and Economics, with the support of the project DER2009-11436 on ‘global legal goods’) will organize a conference to discuss in depth the foundations, implications and perspectives of these Principles and the problems they are designed to address.
Since sovereign lending and borrowing require an interdisciplinary and pluralist approach, the conference will encourage discussion among scholars and experts from different disciplines and backgrounds, focusing on economic, financial, institutional and legal issues. The UNCTAD’s initiative being novel in several ways, original and innovative research is especially encouraged.
The conference will take place in the campus of the UAM in 2 March 2012. The preliminary program will be available online as soon as the first selection of papers has been processed. Papers selected will be published in a collective book, one edition in English and another one in Spanish.


The conference will explore these themes:

Economic and Financial Topics

1)    Millennium Development Goals and debt crisis

2)    Co-responsibility of lenders and borrowers as a new political and economic concept in global finance

3)    Economic implications of the Principles on each category of creditors

4)    Debt crisis prevention & the Principles

5)    Developing and developed countries & the Principles

6)    Secondary markets, credit rating agencies & the Principles

7)    Debt management & the Principles

8)    Debt crisis resolution & the Principles

Legal and Institutional Topics

1)    Legal nature of the Principles

2)    The relevance of comparative law & the Principles

3)    The Principles seen from public, private and international law

4)    Comparison with other similar initiatives

5)    Implementation of the Principles

6)    The United Nations and global financial architecture


Senior and junior scholars (PhD students included) and experts are invited to participate. Papers will be selected on the basis of abstracts submitted. Selection criteria are: originality of the work links to the conference theme, and geographical representation of the speakers. Only one abstract per author will be considered. Abstracts must not exceed 500 words. The piece must be original and unpublished.
The papers can be presented in English or Spanish. The conference will provide for simultaneous interpretation into English. However, authors presenting in Spanish who wish to be considered for the English edition of the book must supply a publishable English version of their papers.

In addition, the following information must be provided:

  • If possible, the name of the topic for which the abstract is submitted;
  • The author’s name and institutional affiliation;
  • An author’s brief cv, including a list of relevant publications;
  • The author’s contact details, including email address and phone number;

Proposals and additional information should be sent to unctad-principles@uam.es. Any enquiry about the conference can be directed to this same email account. For more information on the UNCTAD’s initiative please visit http://www.unctad.info/en/Debt-Portal/


• The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 4 October 2011.

• Successful applicants will receive confirmation to the email account provided with the submission of the abstract by 25 October 2011.

• Accepted authors will be expected to submit a draft of their presentations by 31 January 2012.

• The conference will take place in Madrid in 2 March 2012.

• Final versions for publications should be submitted by 30 March 2012.


All selected speakers will receive free registration to the conference.
The organisation will cover expenses for travelling and accommodation for the 12 speakers selected.

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