Call for Papers: Global Governance as Public Authority

noviembre 26, 2010

Call for Papers

Global Governance as Public Authority:  Structures, Contestation, and Normative Change

Workshop, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin: 15 & 16 April 2011

Organizers: Eva Heidbreder, Markus Jachtenfuchs & Nico Krisch

Global governance has gained increasing importance in politics, law, and other realms of public order. This is reflected in the growing contestation over global issues among governments, NGOs, and other domestic and trans-national institutions. Much of this contestation draws its force from conceptual analogies with ‘traditional rule’: it assumes that institutions of global governance exercise public authority in a similar way as domestic government and reclaims central norms of domestic political tradition, such as democracy and the rule of law, in the global context. Scrutinising this assumption, the workshop aims to shed light on the processes that underpin change in global governance. What is the content of new normative claims? Which continuities and discontinuities with domestic traditions characterise global governance? How responsive are domestic structures to global governance? How is global governance anchored in societies? And which challenges arise from the autonomy demands of national (and sometimes other) communities?

We invite contributions on the broader theme of public authority in global governance and encourage in particular submissions on the three sub-topics outlined below. The workshop will gather 20-25 scholars from different disciplines for an in-depth debate on the proposed topics. We will be happy to receive proposals from scholars at any level – PhD students at an advanced stage, postdoctoral and more senior researchers alike. Travel and accommodation allowances of €200-400 will be provided (depending on travel distance and actual expenses).

The deadline for paper proposals is 15 December 2010. Further information can be found  here.

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