Para el juez Mindua de la CPI, los intereses de la justicia no son exclusivamente jurídicos

junio 1, 2019

Por Nicolás Carrillo Santarelli

En una opinión del juez que ha sido publicada, y tiene relevancia en contextos de transición, entre otros, el juez Antoine Mindua dijo lo siguiente:

«39. Many other factors may weigh in favour of a decision not to prosecute on the basis of the ‘interests of justice’. Among them, we have procedural considerations such as the rights of the accused for a fair trial,37 the necessity of peace negotiations or an alternative justice mechanism,38 the limited availability of human and financial resources,39 State cooperation constraints,40 the complementarity and admissibility issues and the existence of a State duty to prosecute,41 security concerns, etc. It is then obvious that the ‘interests of justice’ could not be confined only to legal considerations stricto sensu».

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