Advisory Opinions and Jurisdiction of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

marzo 26, 2013

En octubre de 2010 presenté esta ponencia en una excelente conferencia que organizaron Harry Scheiber y Jin-Huyn Paik y el Institute for the Law of Sea en la sede del Tribunal Internacional para el Derecho del Mar. Pronto saldrá publicada, con los pocos cambios que hice a principios de 2011, en Harry N. Scheiber and Jin-Hyun Paik (eds.), Regions, Institutions and Law of the Sea (2013). Aquí les dejo el vínculo de SSRN donde pueden descargar el texto de marzo de 2011, al menos hasta que el libro esté en las librerías. Este es el abstract:

Following an introduction to the advisory jurisdiction of the Tribunal, this chapter discusses crucial aspects of the advisory function of the Seabed Disputes Chamber. It will of course consider the jurisdiction to give an advisory opinion and the issues of admissibility related to the opinion delivered by the Seabed Disputes Chamber on the Responsibilities and obligations of States sponsoring persons and entities with respect to activities in the International Seabed Area. The discussion, however, will not touch upon the substantive legal questions asked to the Chamber in this occasion, but deal only with procedural issues. Moreover, it will attempt to go beyond this specific case to present a general analysis of the key issues of jurisdiction and admissibility, together with some questions of procedure, that should be taken into account in order to arrive to an authoritative advisory opinion of the Seabed Disputes Chamber and, eventually, of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

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