Call for abstracts «Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights:The Emerging European Union Regime»

octubre 20, 2014

Por Nicolás Carrillo Santarelli

A continuación transmito un call for abstracts sobre una cuestión muy interesante y relevante: la regulación de la conducta corporativa en términos de derechos humanos, en esta ocasión desde la perspectiva del derecho de la Unión Europea. Suerte a los interesados:

Human Rights & International Legal Discourse focuses on the interplay between human rights law and other specific domains of international law (see www.hrild.org). The 2015 Fall issue will focus on recent and ongoing developments concerning the regulation of corporate human rights responsibility at the EU level.

Articles’ length will be between 5.000 to 8.000 words.  The deadline for submission of abstracts is 1 November 2014. By 1 December 2014, a limited number of abstracts will be selected for the submission of full papers. A further round of double blind peer review will follow after submission of the final paper, which is due on 1 May 2015. Publication of the special issue is planned for October 2015.

Authors are kindly invited to send their paper proposals by 1 November 2014 to the editors of this special issue: Ass. Prof. Dr. Karin Buhman (Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business School; buhmann@ruc.dk), Prof. Dr. Carmen Márquez Carrasco (Universidad de Sevilla; cmarque@us.es) and Dr. Luis Rodríguez-Piñero (Universidad de Sevilla; lrp@us.es).

The call for papers is available at http://www.intersentia.be/docs/HRILD%20call%20for%20abstracts.pdf

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