Call for Books: New «Human Rights and International Law» Series

octubre 19, 2014

I have got a nice email asking «Do you have an idea for a new book?» If so, maybe the new series on Human Rights and International Law of Routledge Law is the place to submit your proposal. The email says:

Edited by Professor Surya P. Subedi (University of Leeds), this series will explore human right law’s place within the international legal order, looking at how human rights impacts on areas as diverse and divisive as, for example, security, terrorism, climate change, refugee law, migration, bio-ethics, natural resources, and international trade. The objective of the series will be to publish books that explore the interaction, interrelationship and potential conflicts between human rights and other branches of international law.

We are now inviting anyone interested in writing a new book to submit your proposals. If you can offer a unique perspective, expert critical analysis and dynamic new ideas on this rapidly developing subject area then please get in touch.

Find out more here.

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