The United Nations ‘Rio+20’ Conference on Sustainable Development: Appraisal and Prospects of a Paradigmatic Concept


1st Joint Workshop of the ESIL Interest Groups on International Environmental Law and on International Economic Law


12th SEPTEMBER 2012

Call for papers- deadline 23rd April 2012

The ESIL Interest Groups on International Environmental Law and on International Economic Law are pleased to announce that the celebration of their First Joint Workshop will place in the afternoon of Wednesday 12th September 2012 (between 6-8pm), that is, the night before the opening session of the Fifth ESIL Biennial Conference, to be held in Valencia (Spain) on September 13-15th 2012. The group convenors hereby invite the submission of abstracts on the theme of « The United Nations ‘Rio+20’ Conference on Sustainable Development: Appraisal and Prospects of a Paradigmatic Concept ».

Websites of the groups available at: www.esilgiel.wordpress.com (Interest Group on International Environmental Law); and http://inteurlaw.uni-goettingen.de/esil-iel/ (Interest Group on International Economic Law).


1)     THE TOPIC

Twenty years after the 1992 Rio Summit on Environment and Development and ten years since the 2002 Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development, the international community will again gather between the 4th and the 6th June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro (information available at: www.uncsd2012.org). The objective of this major meeting is to renew and secure political commitment on sustainable development, a paradigmatic concept which has both driven the exponential normative development of international environmental law while also virtually becoming the main framework of global politics for development of the last decades. As it appears in the preparatory work of the Rio+ 20 Conference, the summit will expectedly focus on two themes: green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication; and institutional framework for sustainable development.

Departing from a discussion on the outcome of the Rio+20 Conference, this Joint Workshop will seek to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the concept of sustainable development. We therefore invite the submission of abstracts which: 1) appraise the historical process of implementation of the concept of sustainable development, exploring its prospects and future evolutions; and/or 2) propose a critical approach to the notion of sustainable development, reflecting about the possible inherent and unveiled shortcomings of the concept.


The event will be open by the impulse statement of an invited speaker. It will then be followed by three paper presentations selected out of this call for papers which will compose one single panel. A prominent scholar in both fields of International Environmental Law and International Economic Law will conduct the Joint Workshop.

Papers presented at the workshop will be selected through a competitive process. The selection process will be based exclusively on scholarly merit and priority will be given to unpublished papers and work in progress. We welcome proposals from professionals, academics and graduate students, and remain open to proposals which may challenge the importance given by this workshop to the notion of sustainable development as a central issue in the future development of IEL.

Each submission should include the following:

–        An abstract of no more than 400 words in English or French.

–        A short CV in English or French.

Applications should be submitted to both Peter-Tobias Stoll at PT.Stoll at jur.uni-goettingen.de and Alejandra Torres Camprubí at atorrescamprubi at yahoo.es, in WORD (version 1999-2007) or PDF format. Please write “Proposal 2012 Joint Event Workshop” in the subject of the email.


The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday, 23rd April 2012. The outcome of the selection process will be notified to all applicants by Monday, 14th May 2012. After selection, each presenter will be expected to produce a draft paper by Monday, 16th July 2012 for circulation among the other workshop participants.

We look forward to receiving your contributions!


Further information about the groups’ activities can be found at the following websites:  www.esilgiel.wordpress.com (Interest Group on International Environmental Law) and http://inteurlaw.uni-goettingen.de/esil-iel/(Interest Group on International Economic Law). Please do not doubt to contact us should you have more questions or queries:

  • Interest Group on International Environmental Law:

Alejandra Torres Camprubí  (atorrescamprubi at yahoo.es); and Mario Prost (m.prost at law.keele.ac.uk)

  • Interest Group on International Economic Law:

Peter-Tobias Stoll (PT.Stoll at jur.uni-goettingen.de); Luis Hinojosa Martínez (hinojosa at ugr.es), and Marion Panizzon (marion.panizzon at wti.org)

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