Call for papers para doctorandos en derecho penal internacional

enero 9, 2013


Si eres estudiante de doctorado en derecho o ciencias políticas y te especializas en derecho penal internacional quizá puedas tener una excelente oportunidad de presentar y discutir tus ideas en la próxima reunión de la escuela de doctorado que se celebrará en el Instituto de Relaciones Internacionales de la hermosa ciudad de Praga. Aquí está el call for papers.


PhD Training School on International Criminal Justice

To be held at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, on 14-16 March 2013.

The PhD Training School is organised within COST Action 1003: “International Law Between Constitutionalisation and Fragmentation: the role of law in the post-national constellation”. The School will consist of two Panels, one focusing on Politics of International Criminal Justice, the other on Contemporary Challenges to International Criminal Law.
PhD candidates in law, political science or international relations are encouraged to apply. Applications should contain: name, institution, contact details (e-mail), title of the PhD thesis/project, title of the paper, and abstract of the paper (maximally 300 words).
Participants are expected to meet their expenses. Candidates coming from countries that participate in COST Action 1003 can apply for funding up to a maximum of 500 Euro (note that PhD candidates get a flat rate, not a specific reimbursement). Candidates who would like to be considered for a scholarship need to indicate this in the application and to justify their request.
Applications should be sent by e-mail to Dr. Veronika Bílková (bilkova@iir.cz) by 31 January 2013. Successful applicants will be notified by 10 February 2013. Participation is subject to submission of a paper (maximally 2500 words) prior to the conference, by 28 February 2013 at the latest.

Créditos de la foto de Praga vista desde la Torre Petrín: Jorge Valenzuela A (Creative Commons)

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