Seminario con Jessica Almqvist sobre los límites de la independencia judicial de la Corte Penal Internacional

abril 6, 2015


El próximo jueves 9 de abril, en la Facultad de Derecho de la UAM (cuarto piso, seminario 4), nuestra colega Jessica Almqvist discutirá con nosotros su artículo «Human Rights Appraisal of the Limits to Judicial Independence for International Criminal Justice», publicado en enero de 2015 en el Leiden Journal of International Law (DOI: 10.1017/S0922156514000557). Este es el abstract:

The UN Security Council’s involvement in the area of international criminal justice raises concerns about judicial independence. Of primary concern in this study is the degree to which this political organ has come to determine and restrict jurisdiction of international criminal tribunals, with the effect of excluding cases involving alleged grave crimes by actors whose presence in situations of which the Council is seized is supported by its permanent members. This control, it will be argued, undermines the basic conditions for a sound administration of justice, as it impedes these tribunals from selecting the cases that may come before them in accordance with respect for human rights and the rule of law. More specifically, restrictions imposed by political organs, leading to unjustified unequal treatment before the law and the courts of perpetrators and victims of grave crime in a given situation, are contrary to principles of equality and non-discrimination. A theory of international judicial independence should therefore extend to a consideration of the legality of such restrictions and acknowledge it as an essential requirement of independence.

Están tod@s invitados a participar, como de costumbre. Escriban a jessica.almqvist (@) uam.es si desean una copia completa del artículo o, si tienen suscripción, pueden descargarlo aquí.

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