Call for papers: The Evolutionary Interpretation of Treaties: The UN Charter and the European Convention on Human Rights Facing Modern Challenges

A Joint Conference by the European Society of International Law, the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, and Jessup Russia

5 February 2016

The conference will take place during the Jessup Russia 2016 week (3-7 February 2016).

In addition to having eminent invited speakers, the organizers issue a call for papers on the following topics:

  • UN Charter: New state practice as a challenge to basic principles? Potential topics include self-defence against contemporary threats, including non-state actors, as well as targeted sanctions against individuals within the UN system and their compatibility with international law.
  • The ECHR in different times and different places. Potential topics include: the application of the ECHR in armed conflict; the European Court’s dynamic development of human rights which puts it in potential and actual conflict with states; the Court’s achievements and failures in accounting for cultural and political differences in Europe; principles such as subsidiarity and the margin of appreciation; the evolving interpretation of the ECHR in protecting the rights of corporations and other legal persons.

The proposed papers should focus on aspects regarding the evolutionary interpretation of the respective treaties, and the permissible limits thereof.

Abstracts should be submitted by 1 November 2015

Further information here

El nuevo website de la ESIL se puede consultar aquí. El cambio es grande y tiene un montón de recursos nuevos, incluyendo una nueva publicación llamada ESIL Reflections, cuya primera entrega está firmada por el profesor Laurence Helfer con un análisis de la reunión de Brighton sobre el futuro de la jurisdicción europea de derechos humanos: ‘The Burdens and Benefits of Brighton’.

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