Hasta el 30 de septiembre de 2016 está abierta la convocatoria para presentar propuestas para el próximo Foro de Investigación de la European Society of International Law, que tendrá lugar en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Granada del 30 al 31 de marzo de 2017 y tiene como tema central «la neutralidad del derecho internacional». Aquí está el call for papers completo. Suerte.

The next ESIL Research Forum will take place on 30-31 March 2017 at the Granada University Law School.

The Forum addresses the contested neutrality of international law. It has often been said that international law should be neutral as regards the political, economic and social systems of States. However, this ideal of neutrality can be critiqued on both normative and empirical grounds. Every legal order is based on a power structure and certain fundamental principles. Is it still possible to speak of the neutrality of international law given the growing body of principles that are said to reflect the values of the international community? And are international legal instruments designed to influence the political, economic and social order of States compatible with such neutrality?

The 2017 ESIL Research Forum calls for papers addressing the theme of the neutrality of international law. Abstracts (of not more than 750 words) should be submitted to ESILRF_UGR2017@UGR.ES by 30 September 2016.


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Interesting call for papers for a conference on “The Reform of International Economic Governance” at the University of Granada on 9-10 October 2014. The two main sessions will cover, respectively, reform of the trading regime and reform of the monetary and financial architecture. Here is the link with the information. Paper proposals may be sent until 1 June 2014.

Photo: Reflejos del Torreón (La Ahlambra, Granada, 2010)


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