P-T Stoll: GLG working paper on Global Public Goods

noviembre 14, 2011

I am proud to announce the publication of the third Working Paper  of the Global Legal Goods project. It is a contribution by Prof. Dr. Peter-Tobias Stoll on “Global Public Goods – Some considerations on Actors, Structures and Institutions.”  This paper stems from a previous publication by the author, which has been slightly revised. Here is the abstract:


There is a growing demand to provision of public goods at global level. In part this is a result of globalization, which renders it increasingly difficult to make such goods available within a national framework. The availability of public goods is put further into question by tendencies of privatization and by sovereign claims over certain resources. The growing global demand for public goods can hardly be met by traditional means of international cooperation, including international organizations. Instead, it requires making use of commerce and the world trading system as well as of the potential contributions of private actors. While a number of examples show, that the provision of public goods may be achieved in this way, doubts arise in view of governance, e.g. the ability of the international system to properly appreciate demand and react to it accordingly. It is put forward, that the current system of international organizations and regimes is one of sectoral divide, whereas most issues concerning global public goods require a cross sectoral approach. While states, rather than advocating the common interest, are likely to act as some sort of stakeholders at global level, the involvement of individual beneficiaries and potential contributors of public goods and NGOs is crucial.

Una nota para los lectores en castellano: trataremos de traducir al castellano los trabajos en inglés del proyecto sobre bienes jurídicos globales, pero no siempre será posible, por falta de medios. En todo caso, los mantendré informados cada vez que hagamos una traducción. Los trabajos de la conferencia sobre protección de bienes jurídicos globales de la semana próxima estarán todos en castellano, incluyendo la conferencia de la profesora Anne Peters.

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