Postdoctoral Fellowships on the legitimacy of International Courts and Tribunals at PluriCourts, a Centre for the Study of the Legitimate Roles of the Judiciary in the Global Order, a multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Law, Department of Public and International Law of University of Oslo. The deadline for applications is 15 April 2015. Information here.

2015 PILnet Fellowship Call For Applications – PILnet. Este año incluye a abogados de Brasil, Colombia y México.

Carel Fabritius, The Goldfinch, 1654

The International Peace & Security Institute offers 2 Dorsey & Whitney Foundation Scholarships for exceptional law students to attend the 2015 The Hague Symposium on Post-Conflict Transitions & International Justice. The deadline for the scholarship application is February 27.

Credits: “The Goldfinch” is one the masterpieces from the Mauritshuis Museum at The Hague.

Una gran oportunidad. El plazo para presentar candidaturas vence el 29 de octubre de 2014. Aquí está la información. ¡Suerte!

La Academia de Derechos Humanos y Derecho Humanitario de la American University, Washington College of Law, convoca al Premio al Ensayo de Derecho Humanos 2015 sobre el tema “Justicia transicional, derechos humanos y derecho humanitario”. La fecha límite para entregar el ensayo es el 1 de febrero de 2015.

La Academia concederá dos premios, uno para el mejor trabajo en español y otro para el mejor trabajo en inglés. En cada caso el premio consistirá en:

Una beca para el Programa de Estudios Avanzados en Derechos Humanos y Derecho Internacional Humanitario para el Diploma o el Certificado de Asistencia *

  • Gastos de traslado a Washington D.C.
  • Alojamiento en los dormitorios de la universidad
  • Un estipendio para gastos de estadía

Los mejores artículos podrán ser publicados en el American University International Law Review.

Los ganadores serán anunciados el 1 de abril de 2015.

In order to stimulate the search for excellence in academic research, the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI) – the non-profit organization that publishes Perspectives on Terrorism– has created an annual award for the best PhD thesis that has been successfully defended at a university. For this purpose, a panel of judges consisting of the three directors of TRI – Robert Wesley, Alex P. Schmid and James J. F. Forest – now invite those who have completed their PhD thesis between January and December 2013 to submit a copy to the panel no later than the end of March 2014. The judges will read and compare the doctoral theses we receive and nominate the finest submission for the ‘Best PhD Thesis in the Field of Terrorism Studies 2013 Award’. The Award consists of a monetary prize of US $1,000.- and a formal certificate, signed by the panel of judges, declaring the winner’s name and the title of the thesis. The award winner will be announced, and a summary of the thesis will be published in the August 2014 issue ofPerspectives on Terrorism. The Terrorism Research Initiative will also assist the award winner in finding a publisher for his or her thesis so that the full results of the award-winning research become available to the scholarly community with minimal delay. The August 2014 issue of the journal will also announce the honorable mention of authors whose theses were judged second and third best. Eligible for this annual award are scholars who have obtained their PhD degree in the calendar year 2013 from an institution of higher education anywhere in the world. The thesis must be submitted in English (either written in English or translated into English) and should be sent to the chair of the judges panel in electronic form as a PDF. The PhD thesis must focus on terrorism/counterterrorism or closely related forms of political violence and armed conflict. It should be the product of in-depth research and show originality in terms of introducing new methods, theories or data into its analysis. The submitted thesis should be accompanied by a cover letter in which the author outlines the novelty and/or uniqueness of the thesis and its findings. In those cases where a member of the jury is in any way connected to a person submitting a PhD thesis, the composition of the jury will be changed to avoid a conflict of interest. In such cases, a qualified scholar from the Editorial Board of Perspectives on Terrorism will be invited to take his place. The judges are looking forward to receiving and reviewing quality submissions for this award before 31 March 2014. Submissions should be sent to the chair of the panel of judges, Prof. em. Alex P. Schmid, at <apschmid@terrorismanalysts.com >.

¿Tienes una idea para cambiar el mundo y fortalecer el estado de derecho democrático? The World Justice Project tiene un programa magnífico, que selecciona y financia projectos de emprendedores sociales para fortalecer el principio de estado de derecho (rule of law). El programa se llama World Justice Challenge y hay plazo hasta el 15 de enero para presentar propuestas. ¡Qué buen desafío!

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